Get well soon Claire

I have had a chance to sit back and take in all that has happened today. First off I/we need to wish Claire Ashmore a speedy recovery. Claire was kind enough to take my place in observing section 18 which gave me chance to do a tour and make sure things were running as smooth as poss. When I got back to her, her husband Pete had already finished and asked if I would mind taking over so they could head off back to Matlock. I took the board and checked that there was maybe 60 riders to come through, not a prob maybe an hour will see us done. An hour later I have pulled the flags and set off back only to find Pete trying to get Claire on his bike after she had fallen and gone over on her ankle which didn’t look like she was coping with too well. A quick dash back to the van after giving him directions how to get her out and we were in rescue mode and had her loaded up and out of there. I got a message from her after Pete got her to A&E and sad and sorry to say poor Claire had broke her Tib and Fib. This is a sad end to what we think was a brilliant day for the trial and I wish Claire a speedy safe recovery. Take care Flower from Ducks the rescue man. Pete was kind enough to give me a call (and put a tear in my eye) to thank me for all I had done and to pass his and her thanks on to all who were involved in helping out, we don’t know your names but if you read this THANKYOU.