Report 23-01-22 Catlow Ford

Red Rose Classic Trials 2022 Red Rose Classic Trials Opened there 2022 season on 23/01/22 at Catlow Ford.Ten Sections were plotted on a very wet and slippery surface, 41 Riders turned out for what was a slippery but good trial with new faces which is good to see, Chris Forshaw retired early with a broken foot-rest. All sections were observed and a decent turnout made for a good event. The venue lends itself to a great trial but it’s just a shame about the parking. A good few new faces, mostly named Wilson appeared but that’s pure coincidence, and came to enjoy themselves. Ephy Wilson formed a new sub aqua route through section five when what seemed like a simple dab turned into a stumble back into a pool and only his head was visible. Jimmy ‘Bobble’ Noble Tony Calvert and John Maxfield were shining on the hard route made it a close fought trial with a well supported 50/50route again and plenty of clubmen. This was the first round of the club championship so keep the momentum up if you think you did well. Thanks again to all observers and land owners and to you guys for making it all worthwhile. The next round will be at Primrose Park campsite near Tosside. Another stream and grassy banks venue but in February you can expect lots of slippery rocks roots and mud.Thanks to the Clerks of the course Mel Dibb and Andrew Scott and our observers for providing such a good event.Pictures: Brian StowellResultsClass AE – 1: Carl Winstanley (Ariel) 9.Class C – 1: James Noble (Triumph) 2; 2: Tony Calvert (Triumph) 6; 3: John Maxfield (BSA) 6; 4: Andrew Scott (BSA) 6.Class CE – 1: Alan Mills (BSA) 7; 2: Nick Altha (Dot) 8; 3: Rob O’Connor (BSA) 15.Class T – 1: John Holdsworth (Fantic) 17; 2: Paul Whittaker (Fantic) 19; 3: Graham Fallows (Fantic) 38.T50/50 – 1 Keith Knowles (Bultaco) 18; 2: Colin Slater (SWM) 38; 3: Mel Dibb (Fantic) 44.Class TE – 1: John Wilson (Bultaco) 22; 2 Stephen Hall (Honda) 26; 3: Richard Giles (Yamaha) 32.Classic Trial Magazine Trial Magazine UK