Ramsgreave report Feb 23

Report by Wal Cope

Butterworths Benefit

Red Rose Classic Trials club’s February trial at Ramsgreave included an Elite route, mainly because Ben Butterworth offered to layout the sections and wanted to give himself and brother Jack a challenge. 

Sadly only Jacob Joyce on his Fantic chose to join them on this route, which was won by Ben on his Ariel on a mere 9 followed by the Triumph of Jack on 23 and Jacob on 35.

Pre 70 over 250 classes have diminishing numbers, but 2 rode the expert and 2 the clubmen route. George Emmott took his Triumph twin to victory in the experts on 19, well ahead of Katie Ward. The clubmen class was an Ariel benefit, won by Steve Gossop on 3, 8 ahead of Tim Baker.

The pre 70 under 250 classes were dominated by the usual Bantams and Cubs, with the odd Dot and James chucked in for good measure. The Bantam of John Maxfield beat the Cubs of James Noble and Tony Calvert on the expert route, James losing half his marks on the banks in and out of the stream at section 6. Tony lost his chance of victory with 8 marks lost on section 10 – where the usual stream section over the log and up the gulley by the fence had a couple of extra twists which allowed a high line to avoid the log or a low line over it. Tony chose the lower route on his first lap and ground to a halt on the log.

Only Andy Cope took on the 50/50 course in the pre 70’s, and got the lowest score on the route loosing 12, three quarters of which were lost on the dreaded section 6.

19 riders took on the clubman route in pre 70’s under 250 class, where Steve Thomas and Carl Winstanley went clean through every section – great rides. Mick Whitlow was just one behind, an errant dab on section 10.

Dave Wilkinson dragged his rigid bantam out for what he threatened will be its last outing until his back recovers from the pounding, but still got round for 4, 2 on the rocks of section 7 and 2 on section 10.

Alan O’Connor had a victorious return from a long, injury induced lay off to win the expert twinshock class on his Ossa, beating Vesty and his special Bulto, and Paul Whittaker’s Fantic. Alan lost half his marks on the gulley of section , while Vesty and Paul both struggled on section 6 (and Brian has the photographic evidence Paul!).

The twinshocks on the 50/50 route also struggled on section 6 where they had to follow the expert route. Lee Perie lost 11 of his 15 on this section to take victory from Andrew Walters and Stephen Wilde, who lost 16 and 11 from 22 and 25 respectively on it.

Twinshock Clubmen had 22 entries (from a great total of 71), David Hooke taking the win on 3 with Mike Joyce, Danny Lord and Matt Duff all only 1 point behind. 

Many thanks go to Ben, Mel and Andrew for setting out a longer loop that coped admirably with the large entry with very little queuing, the landowner and club officials, and most importantly the observers who topped off a great day for all us riders.

The next Red Rose trial will be at Top Quarry, Lothersdale on 19th March. Looking forward to seeing you all there.