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Report 23-01-22 Catlow Ford

Red Rose Classic Trials 2022 Red Rose Classic Trials Opened there 2022 season on 23/01/22 at Catlow Ford.Ten Sections were plotted on a very wet and slippery surface, 41 Riders turned out for what was a slippery but good trial with new faces which is good to see, Chris Forshaw retired early with a broken foot-rest. All sections were observed and a decent turnout made for a good event. The venue lends itself to a great trial but it’s just a shame about the parking. A good few new faces, mostly named Wilson appeared but that’s pure coincidence, and came to enjoy themselves. Ephy Wilson formed a new sub aqua route through section five when what seemed like a simple dab turned into a stumble back into a pool and only his head was visible. Jimmy ‘Bobble’ Noble Tony Calvert and John Maxfield were shining on the hard route made it a close fought trial with a well supported 50/50route again and plenty of clubmen. This was the first round of the club championship so keep the momentum up if you think you did well. Thanks again to all observers and land owners and to you guys for making it all worthwhile. The next round will be at Primrose Park campsite near Tosside. Another stream and grassy banks venue but in February you can expect lots of slippery rocks roots and mud.Thanks to the Clerks of the course Mel Dibb and Andrew Scott and our observers for providing such a good event.Pictures: Brian StowellResultsClass AE – 1: Carl Winstanley (Ariel) 9.Class C – 1: James Noble (Triumph) 2; 2: Tony Calvert (Triumph) 6; 3: John Maxfield (BSA) 6; 4: Andrew Scott (BSA) 6.Class CE – 1: Alan Mills (BSA) 7; 2: Nick Altha (Dot) 8; 3: Rob O’Connor (BSA) 15.Class T – 1: John Holdsworth (Fantic) 17; 2: Paul Whittaker (Fantic) 19; 3: Graham Fallows (Fantic) 38.T50/50 – 1 Keith Knowles (Bultaco) 18; 2: Colin Slater (SWM) 38; 3: Mel Dibb (Fantic) 44.Class TE – 1: John Wilson (Bultaco) 22; 2 Stephen Hall (Honda) 26; 3: Richard Giles (Yamaha) 32.Classic Trial Magazine Trial Magazine UK


Report of the action from Ramsgreave 13-03-22 by Wal Cope

Andrew’s nearly clean

Red Rose Classic Trials club’s March trial was back to the old favourite venue at Ramsgreave. Clerks of the course Chris Forshaw and Mel Dibb found the going in the fields very damp on Saturday, so plotted a course entirely in the lower half of the venue, with everyone warned to fill up and not ruin the field coming back to their vans for fuel.

Riders had come from far and wide as usual – Mick Grant over from Yorkshire to keep a close eye on Vesty, and Nathan Britton bought his beautiful Seeley Honda down for Ulverston to get some practice in for next weekends Rockshocks round.

Best performance overall on the day came from Andrew Scott in the under 250 springer class on the experts route, on only one mark lost. His solitary dab came on section 6, which was changed round by the first group of riders as they felt it was too easy, and they created the mark taker of the trial. Getting into the section was the first challenge followed by a drop into the stream and slightly up the opposite bank before dropping back into the muddy stream. The expert route then climbed back up the bank, round a tree and back into the stream before a rooted climb, turning back across the stream and up a steep bank to the ends. The easy route (including 50/50) missed the climb round the tree and had an easier climb out of the stream. 

Runner up in Andrew’s class, John Maxfield, also only lost a dab on section 6, but a five on section 1 – the gully in the wood with a twist out at the top that took a few stray dabs on all routes – lost him his opportunity for victory.

Vesty easily won the twinshock expert class on his very special Bultaco, with a total of 4 marks lost – 2 on section 6 and another 2 on section 8 – an awkward route out of the stream and over a rock due to cunning flag placement, though the flag was regularly removed by those on the clubman route! Vesty’s total was 6 less than Paul Whittaker who had a great ride on his Fantic.

Mick Clarke was out testing a new belt drive on his 500 Ariel, which obviously worked to great effect as he only lost 14 marks on the expert route, but he was the only entrant in his class.

The new for this year 50/50 route only had twinshock entrants (though a Dot appeared in the results!) and was won by Keith Knowles on the maiden outing on his Bultaco. Dabs on sections 5,7 and 9 giving him a 10 mark victory over clerk of the course Chris Forshaw.

The springer under 250 class on the easy route had a convincing winner in Carl Winstanley on his Bantam, 13 less than Alan Mills and Damian Morey, the former taking second on the oldest rider rule. Carl lost his marks on the 2 sections that were the main mark takers on the easy route – 1 on section 3 – a ride down the stream, and section 5 – the favourite at the bottom of the venue in and out of the stream and up a rock slab. Alan’s bogey section was 6 – he lost 13 of his 16 in the muddy stream.

Finally the twinshock easy route saw the highest loss of marks – winner John Wilson loosing 10 to win from Jason Brown on 25 and Stephen Hall on 27. 

Thanks to the full house of observers and the C. of C’s for giving us riders a great day’s sport, and we hope your arm gets better soon Mel.


Fickle hall report August 2022

Fickle Hall Farm Report by Wal Cope ” Andrews Benefit”


Red Rose Classic Trial at Noyna Colne 14/08/22

Red Rose Classic Trials Club held their August trial at Noyna in Colne on a very warm sunny day.

Words Sam Hill 

Mel Dibb and Andrew Scott set out the day before and with a full team of Observers it was four laps of ten Sections in very warm conditions.

23 riders started with only four retirements on a day enjoyed by all.

With the effort put in by the hard working club members it would be good to see more riders at these family friendly events. 

The severity of the sections is at a level for all to enjoy so please keep your eyes open for our future trials dates: www.redroseclassictrials.com 

The Red Rose Classic Motorcycle Club was founded in late 1992, to run and promote Pre-65 trials in Lancashire. Although they are based in North East Lancashire, they have members from all over Lancashire and the surrounding counties. 

They currently run 11 trials a year that count towards an annual club championship, a fun trial at Christmas a round of the Northern British Bike Championship and the National Twinshock Championship.

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Report from Lee Dell 10-08-22

Final evening series Trial

Wednesday 10th August

Red Rose Classic Trials Club held their final summer evening trial at the fantastic Lee Dell venue. Ben Butterworth had plotted a short course of 8 sections with a bit of everything for the 26 riders split across 3 routes catering for Britshock, Twinshock and the experimental air cooled monos.

The expert Britshock ended as a 2 horse race after Colin Fray retired his DOT, and the 2 horses contrived to both drop 13 marks. Club Secretary Andrew Scott claimed victory on the oldest rider rule, though as Sean Radcliffe swapped bikes after his Cub expired that is probably fair. Just to counter that he did finish on Pete Clibburn’s 500 Ariel so a sterling ride.

Speaking of Pete Clibburn, he was one of 2 entries in the Britshock 50/50 route, but after scratching the highly polished cases of the Ariel on the second section, he decided after a couple of laps it was a bit of a handful on the 50/50 route and loaned it to Sean. Mind you, it was also Pete’s Cub that Sean was riding as his BSA has expired and he’s borrowing the Cub for the Manx 2 day and needed some familiarisation! No such luck.

Pete’s retirement allowed Wal Cope to take the victory on his first time out on a Cub that requires some fettling – including a right hand rear brake!

Mark Newman wrestled his 500 Ariel to win the Clubman Britshock class on a mere 2 marks ahead of a bevvy of Bantams lead by Carl Winstanley on 5.

Moving onto the twinshocks, C of C Ben went round feet up (as usual!) to record a 20 mark victory over Honda mounted Gareth Carr.

50/50 twinshock turned into another 2 horse race with Chris Forshaw taking a 4 mark victory over Jeremy Clark, 42 to 46 with Tony Dillon another retiree.

Clubman twinshock had the largest entry of 7 riders, though a couple of retirees left Antony Wilson a convincing winner over the immaculate Suzuki of Rob O’Connor.

The air cooled mono test continued with entries on all routes  – Paul Morris loosing 15 on the expert route, Kevin Byrne beating his mate Rob Graham on the 50/50 route and the irrepressible Bill Brown loosing only 6 on the clubman route.

The main mark taking section on both the Expert and 50/50 route was the stream in section 5, where both took the same route twisting in and out of the water – though observer Harry Bayman cleaned it on his mountain bike! The clubman found section 7 the hardest – a blast up a cambered bank, though Ben got his Grandad observing it who was covered in flying ants by the end of the night.

Our thanks go to the observers, clerk of course and the Red Rose team for laying on the evening series this year. The Next Red Rose trial has been held before this report was completed, so the next one available is at Cockerham on 4th September. See you there.