Where to start

Bear with it, it’s a long one.Where to start. 20+ messenger hits with congratulation says it all. Many Many thanks to our observers for staying with us even through the downpour. Ponchos and brollies in the bags for next year I promise. You came from far and wide to help us run the trial Wales, Northumberland everywhere. Thankyou. We have to apologise for the results and raffle not getting sorted. We never realised with groups starting at different sections it wasn’t going to go smoothly. I am the first to admit riding straight by with a full card and not handing it in so Roger, Liz and Amanda could get half of the results sorted after completing a lap and I think 75% did the same thing and when we handed them in on completing the trial they were overwhelmed, Sorry guys. A learning curve for the future taken onboard.The Raffle was part of their duties also and our cockup with the punchcards never gave them chance to do this for us sorry. We will have the results sorted tomorrow hopefully and will draw the raffle on Tuesday and post a list of winners and prizes on the website and FB pages.Next up is you lot. Thankyou all for supporting our charity event, you done us proud. I think we will top £7500 up to so far for our charities. £500+ taken on the day, you amaze us with such generosity. Thankyou. Sorry we couldn’t get the jackets to everyone who asked but those and the T shirts will be available through the website @ £50 for jackets and £15 per T shirt, 100% of this goes to charity through the people who put money up to sponsor them. We can’t give enough thanks to Shaun Gent for funding the Rider and Observer t shirt supply, Mate you a Gem, a true legend.Ben Butterworth you also are becoming a legend in my eyes, tireless work this weekend. Wal Cope, Dave Allan, Paul Whittaker, Mel Dibb, Jack Butterworth, Mark Watty Watmore, Dan Clark, Bob Baker, Glen Gosling and if you were also involved and I haven’t mentioned you sorry, my heads still a bit jangled with all we have had to put through it.Sean Radcliff (hope your Mrs get better soon and sorry you had to miss the trial) for doing the numberboards for just the price of the ink. Don’t forget they are a sticker too. Peter Kenyon for the trophies and when we get the results we will be in touch for jacket sizes of the class winners of a Vesterinen Trophy Trial Winners jacket supplied by the one and only Vesty. Next year we will arrange for him to be in attendance because I am pretty sure he would of loved that trial. Covid circumstances and not being able to travel home to Finland prevented him from being with us this year and we can’t blame him for wanting to get home to see his folks.The girls Ness and Grace on the butty van ‘The Pendle Grill’ have helped make the trial be what it was and not just about riding bikes, plenty of banter and fun being had in the queue while you waited for the lovely grub they supplied. The are stuck with us forever now. Thanks girls. And just to think I found them plying for trade by the side of the road in Burnley.Landowner Dennis. Wayne Baybrook, Ben Butterworth for liasing to allow the use of the land. Deli to Go in Clitheroe for suppling the observers packed lunches at a greatly reduced rate. Alastair @ A&A Embroidary for coming from your Covid sick bed to get our jackets sorted in 5 days, Joe from Jedaprint for the T shirts. And last but not least my oppo Jeremy Clark, we couldn’t of pulled this off without you Tayter, Well done. Oh and I best mention the Red Rose Club and officials for letting us have a free run to organize it and agreeing to stump up the funds to organize the event so all 100% of the money you paid to enter, sponsor and contribute went to our charities Manchester Childrens Hospital, Pendleside Hospice and Northwest Air Ambulance Much Love and ThanksThe Red Rose Team.